Bus Rules

School Bus Rules and Regulations

Level 1 Offenses 

1. Bus driver has the right to assign seats, and may be directed so as a matter of policy.

2. Students are expected to be at their bus stop at least (5) minutes before normal bus arrival time.

3. If it is necessary to cross the street or roadway, students must wait until the driver signals them to cross, and cross the street or roadway 10 - 15 feet in front of the bus

4. Bus seats must be shared with other students on a daily basis---- Limit of (3) students per seat. Drivers may assign any or all seats on the bus as they deem necessary.

5. All books, book bags, backpacks, and other items must be kept out of the aisles/walkway. Carry-on items will not occupy another students seat, nor extend above the seat back.

6. No windows or doors will be opened or closed without the permission of the bus driver.

7. Students should always use the handrail when boarding or exiting the bus.

8. Chewing gum, eating, or drinking any beverage is prohibited.

9. The use of electronic devises or other items in manner that interfere with the safe operation of the bus or distract the driver is prohibited. This may include (but is not limited to ) radios, cell phones, cd/tape/mp3 players, mirrors, lasers, flash cameras or other reflective devices.

10. Students must observe classroom conduct. Ordinary conversation is permitted at the drivers discretion.

11. Students must remain seated and facing forward with feet on the floor in front of them.

12. Student shall obey the bus driver at all times. Students shall respond promptly to any instructions given by the driver.

Level 2 Offenses

1. Once students board the bus, he/she will not be permitted to exit the bus while in transit. High school students will not be permitted to exit the bus except to board the transit bus at the elementary schools. This applies to both morning and evening routes.

2. Incidents involving students throwing items from the bus pose serious safety issues to other drivers and will be reported to the Sheriff’s Office.

3. Students will not extend hands, arms, heads, and objects from the bus at any time.

4. Horseplay will not be tolerated. Students will refrain from teasing, scuffling, tripping, holding, hitting, throwing items, or any activities that the driver may interpret as horseplay or deem unsafe.

5. Loud, boisterous, profane language, obscene gestures, inappropriate display of affection, and conduct deemed indecent will not be tolerated.

6. Animals, oversized objects, balloons, or glass containers are prohibited.

7. Students must provide written permission from a custodial parent/guardian to ride a different bus other than the one assigned. Written permission is also required for a student to get off at a different stop than the one assigned (such as work, place of business, etc.) Students should provide the note to the school office/administrator and to the bus driver. All notes must go thru the school office and have an administrator’s signature to be honored; otherwise students will be taken to their normal destination.

8. The rear door and escape hatch trigger an alarm when opened. They are only to be used to exit the bus in an emergency situation or a drill conducted by the driver.

Level 3 Offenses

1. Fighting will not be tolerated. Students fighting on a school bus are subject to be transported by the Grundy County Sheriff’s Department, to the local Police Department, or Tennessee Highway Patrol. Parents will be notified. Students who instigate fighting, but may not be actively involved may be subject to the same penalty or suspension as students involved in a fight.

2. Bullying will not be tolerated. Students who are intimidated, harassed, or coerced by another should immediately report the incident to the driver and/or a school administrator.

3. Students should avoid any behavior that may damage the bus in any way. Any damage to seats, windows, or equipment will be charged to responsible student(s) or parent(s). Bus service will be suspended until full payment is made.

4. Possession of tobacco, matches, lighters, and glass objects are prohibited.


1. Possession, use, transfer, or sale of alcohol, illegal drugs, possession of weapons (firearms, knives, explosives, etc.) or related paraphernalia.

2. Battery upon a bus driver


Level 1 Consequences

1st Offense-----------1 day ISS

2nd Offense----------1 day bus suspension

3rd Offense----------3 day bus suspension

4th Offense----------Alternative School

Level 2 Consequences

1st Offense------------3 days bus suspension

2nd Offense-----------5 days bus suspension

3rd Offense-----------Alternative School (No Bus Service)

Level 3 Consequences

1st Offense------------5 days bus suspension

2nd Offense-----------Alternative School (No Bus Service)