Goals 2017-2018

Grundy County Goals and Strategies




Reading/ Language Arts


Goal # 1     For 2017-2018, Grundy County will maintain or exceed a TVAAS level 3 in

                  3-5 RLA


Professional teaching consultants will provide hands-on training in the classrooms every month in grades 4-8. The district will contract with Vinson , Comer and Associates to focus on building effective teaching strategies for the core reading program by provide on site coaching and support for the following areas: Instructional Framework, Tier I,II, III, and intervention/enrichment programs. ($67,500)
The district will participate in the Read to be Ready Coaching Network. (+ $5,000 + professional development + travel for Instructional coaches)



Goal # 2     For 2017-2018, Grundy County will maintain or improve a TVAAS level 3 in

                  math grades 3-12


7 and 8th grade Mathematics teachers will collaborate face to face and digitally to write scope and sequence and lesson plans to implement blended learning for mathematics.
Training of new math standards
1:1 Initiative

Kindergarten Readiness


Goal # 3     For 2017-2018, students entering kindergarten will have the cognitive,

                  language and literacy, social and emotional and physical skills necessary

                  to effectively transition to kindergarten and meet early literacy milestones.

                  50% of Grundy County 1st graders will be at the 50th percentile or above in

                  Reading on the STAR Assessment.  


Professional development on ELM (early learning model) ($8,000)
Read to be Ready Coaching Network
Teachers will provide differentiation/small group instruction. Instruction will be based on individual student needs to promote all student success. ($72,000 for interactive smart boards)

Safe and Healthy Students


Goal # 4         For 2017-2018, students will have equal access to a safe learning

                     environment that promotes academic achievement, limits the amount of

                     lost instructional time and ensures that all students have the opportunity   

                     to learn. The number of Chronically Absent Students will be reduced by 2%.

The Grundy County Schools will identify Chronically Absent Students and provide early intervention. Students progress will be monitored and shared during RTI meetings. Once students are identified communication will become a top priority with the student's family.
Report Cards will address chronic absenteeism, the school Website will be updated to promote the importance of attendance,  
Posters and Signs, Incentives and Recognition, Noticing Every Absence, Rapid Response to Every Absence, Call Home if Absent, Celebrating Successes, Truancy Meetings

College and Career Ready Students


Goal # 5         For 2017-18, Grundy County High School seamless post-secondary

                      enrollment rate will meet or exceed the state average of 61.9%.


Develop and expand opportunities for all students to access early postsecondary coursework
Enroll students in college/university courses while still in high school.
Hold career fair
Implementation of the first phrase of the STEM program
Internships, field trips,work base learning, community learning activities

Any suggestions, recommendations or comments can be emailed to Tgarner@grundyk12.com by March 1, 2017