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Grundy County Schools


 2014-2015 School Calendar

01-Aug. County-wide Inservice
04-Aug. County-wide/Bldg.Insrv
05-Aug. Bldg.-level Inservice
06-Aug. Orientation-Abbr. Day 1
07-Aug. Bldg.-level Inservice
08-Aug. First Full Day- Day 2
27-Aug. Elem. Progress Report
01-Sep. Labor Day - No School
08-Sep. GCHS Progress Report
18-Sep. Elem. End of 1st 6 wks.
19-Sep. Prof. Dev. No Students
24-Sep. Elem. Report Cards
25-Sep. Elem. PTC
09-Oct. Prof. Dev. No Students
10-Oct. Fall Break - No School
13-Oct. Fall Break - No School
15-Oct. GCHS End of 1st 9 wks.
16-Oct. Elem. Progress Report
22-Oct. GCHS Report Cards
23-Oct. GCHS PTC
04-Nov. Elem. End of 2nd 6 wks.
10-Nov. GCHS Progress Report
12-Nov. Elem. Report Cards
26-28-Nov. Thanksgiving Break
02-Dec. Elem. Progress Report
19-Dec. End of 1st Semester
19-Dec. Elem. End of 3rd 6 wks.
19-Dec. GCHS End of 2nd 9 wks.
Dec.22-Jan.2 Christmas Break
05-Jan. Day 1 2nd Semester
13-Jan. Report Cards - System
19-Jan. MLK Day - No School
27-Jan. Elem. Progress Report
05-Feb. GCHS Progress Report
13-Feb. Prof. Dev. No Students
16-Feb. Pres. Day - No School
19-Feb. Elem. End of 4th 6 wks.
25-Feb. Elem. Report Cards
26-Feb. Elem. PTC
12-Mar. GCHS End of 3rd 9 wks.
12-Mar. Elem. Progress Report
18-Mar. GCHS Report Cards
19-Mar. GCHS PTC
30-Mar-3Apr Spring Break-No School
09-Apr. Elem. End of 5th 6 wks.
15-Apr. Elem. Report Cards
21-Apr. GCHS Progress Report
30-Apr. Elem. Progress Report
21-May. Admin.Day-No Students
21-May. Graduation 7:00pm
22-May. End of 2nd Semester
  Make-up Dates
13-Feb. Prof. Dev.
16-Feb. Pres. Day
26-May. Tuesday- After Day 180
27-May. Wed. - After Day 180
28-May. Thursday- After Day 180