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School Bus Routes


Bus Number

Bus Driver

Schools Serviced


Jerry Stockwell

Palmer, Swiss, GCHS

Hwy 399, Barkers Cove, Meets Palmer bus at Wagon Wheel then goes to Swiss School and picks up High School students then goes to GCHS


Linda Broom


Starts on 40th Ave. then Lee Hargis to 20th then Fletcher Rd. Then 20th  Ave. to Hwy 108 then to Swiss School.


Lisa Nunley


Hwy 108 to Warren County Line, Hubbards Cove, Skymont (Deer Run), Firetower, Baker Rd


Donna Cunningham

Tracy Elementary, GCHS

Plainview, Orchard Dr., Mtn View Ln., 18th St., 7th St., 10th St., Lankfordtown, Dutchtown, then to TCE & GCHS


Gary Ladd

Tracy Elementary

Trussell Rd, Dubose St., Eagles Nest, Monteagle Falls Rd., Raulston Ave., Ingman Farm Rd., Pigeon Springs Rd., Dykes Rd. then TCE


Jana Crisp

Coalmont, GCHS

Dogtown Rd., Company Farm, Partin Circle, 6th St., Lakeshore Dr., Hwy 56, South Industrial Rd., Freemont Rd.


Shannon Scruggs

North Elementary, GCHS

Colony Rd between the creek and Hwy 56, Stage Coach Ln., Northcutts Cove Rd., Besstown Rd, Blackberry Rd., John Richardson, Greeter Falls


Vicky Green

Tracy Elementary

Hwy 41 to Gizzard Creek, Pryor Ridge, Dykes Hollow, Meeks Rd., White City Cr., Myers Hill


Terri Tate

Swiss, Palmer

Hwy 108 towards Palmer, 66th Ave, Layman Rd, 66ThAve,Frank Ln, Hwy 399, Cullen Savage Rd., Birdwell Ln., Scruggs Rd., Hwy 399, Daus Mtn. Rd., turn around 3448 go to the Wagon Wheel Restaurant meet bus #1, then go to Hwy 108 go towards Palmer to Rock Ave, East Lee,  Gifford Rd., Rock Ave, Hwy 108, Big Mine Rd., then to Palmer School.


Billy Smith


10th Ave, Hwy 108, 20th Ave, Boldin Rd, Colony Rd South of the creek, Wischer Rd, 20th to Swiss Colony Cemetery Rd, Colony Rd. to 5oth Ave Colony Rd.


Jack Tucker

Tracy Elementary, GCHS

Nickajack Trail, North Bluff, Central Ave, Mtn Goat Mkt., Family Dollar, Hwy 41, Nickajack Trail, Forrest Point, Highlander Cr., Hwy 41, Monteagle Greens Apt., Armory Rd., Little Lake, Apple Orchard, Hwy 41, Glen Oak Cr, Hwy 41 to TCE then to GCHS.


Joyce Walker


Tom Patton Rd, Hwy 41, Maple Ln, Bells Mill Rd, Layne’s Cove Rd, Bells Cove Rd, Bells Mill Rd, Providence Rd, Sanders Rd, Hwy 64, Hwy 50, Argo Rd meets High School Bus at Elk Head Church.


J.D. Hood


40th Ave, Hwy 108 to 20th return to 40th, Ross Creek Rd, 60th, Brown Rd, 60th, Red Barn Rd, 50th Ave, Cherry Acres, Hwy 108, 60th


Miranda Nunley

North, GCHS

Hwy 56, Hwy 108, Firetower Rd, Gap Rd, Colonel Brady Rd, Old Burroughs Cove Rd, Hwy 50, Hwy 56, to Cox Rd, to Canyon Dr, Pine Ln, Harmony Cove, then North Elementary. 


Tim Smith

Palmer, GCHS

Hwy 108, Rock Ave, Station Rd, McNabb Rd, Bottom Rd, Louie Campbell, Bottom Rd, East Lee Rd, Chiggertown Loop, George Henry Rd, turn around at Firetower, Layne Circle, then to Palmer School, then picks up High School Students on Hwy 108 to Hwy 399 then from 55th Ave to the junction.


Brenda Trussell

Tracy Elementary, GCHS

Clouse Hill Rd., Orange Hill Rd, Parmley Hollow Rd, Browns Hollow, Lakes Rd, Hoot Hollow, Hobbs Hill.


Dottie Brown


Sweeton Hill, Q Switch, Flatbranch Spur, B-Mine, Lockhart Town Rd, Tipple Rd, Johnny Parson, Adams Rd

27 (Special Ed)

Tanya Birdwell

Palmer, Swiss, Coalmont, GCHS

Goes to Palmer to Martin Ln, West Lee Dr, Tatesville Rd, Daus Mtn. Rd Hwy 399, Hwy 108, 66TH Ave, 65th Ave, JB Hart, Hwy 108 to junction Hwy 56, Freemont Rd, Lockhart Town Rd, Hwy 56, Hwy 108.

28 (Special Ed)

Angela Nolan

North, GCHS

Firetower Rd, Hobbs Rd, Hwy 108, Gap Rd, Hwy 108, Hwy 50, Old Burroughs Cove Rd, Hwy 108, Hwy 56 to Beersheba to Backbone Rd, Hwy 56 to North Stage Coach Ln. then to GCHS, Then go to North Elementary.

29A (Special Ed)

Donna Caldwell

Tracy, Coalmont, GCHS

Raulston Ave, Pigeon Springs Rd, Dykes Rd, Hwy 41, Altamont St, Sims St, Go to Tracy Elementary, then take 3rd St, 10th St, then go to Hobbs Hill, then go to Altamont St, to Hwy 56 to Q Switch Rd to Flatbranch Rd, to B-Mine Rd, Flatbranch Rd, Roddy Springs Rd, Hwy 56 to Coalmont School then to GCHS.


Ginger Harris

Pelham, GCHS

Paynes Cove Rd, Leo Sanders, White Ridge Rd, Camp Ground Rd, Burroughs Cove Rd., GCHS



Alphene Nunley

Tracy Elementary

Flatbranch Rd, Hobbs Hill Rd, Firetower Rd, Old Altamont Rd, Hwy 56, Haley Creek, Hwy 56, Altamont St, James Turner Rd, Hillside Cr, Sims St, Beersheba St, Nathurst St, Altamont St then Tracy Elementary


Carol Keech

North, GCHS

Hwy 56 to Warren County Line turn around go to top off the mountain, Stone Door Rd, Gentle River Rd, Knight Rd, Pan Handle, Hwy 56, Hunters Mill Rd, Woodland Acres, Henley Dr, Hwy 56  to North Elementary. 

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