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Coalmont Elementary

Coalmont Elementary School

Supply List 2017-2018

Pre-K Kindergarten Grade 1
Bandaids Two Clorox Wipes Pencils
Germ X Two Kleenex Erasers
Kleenex 2 Pkg #2 Pencils 3 folders (solid color only) with 2 pockets
Clorox Wipes Primary Writing Tablet Pk-1 Writing Composition Book
             Stick Glue 1 pack of glue sticks
Crayons 1 pair of scissors
2 Plastic Folders 1 pack of loose leaf paper
2 Plastic Folders with Pockets Wish List
1 pkg. Pencil Top Erasers Clenex Wipes
Wet Wipes 3 Boxes of Kleenex
Germ X       
Blunt Tip Scissors
Wish List
More Clenex Wipes
Baby Wipes
Gallon Ziplock Bags
Grade 2 Grade 3 Grade 4 & 5
3 Plastic Folders (Solid Color) 2 Pocket Folders, with Prongs/Brads Colored Pencils
2 Packs #2 Pencils (Plastic, Not paper) 5 Packs of Wide Rule Loose Leaf Paper (to share for the year)
2 Packs Cap Erasers 2 Spiral Notebooks Wide Ruled-1 Subject 5 Packs of Pencils (to share for the year) ***No Mechanical Pencils
2 Packs Wide Rule Paper 2 Composition Notebooks (Black & White Marble) Glue Sticks (at least 2)
1 Wide Ruled Composition Book 1 Pack of Pencils-USA #2 Wooden Scissors
1 Pack Dry Erase Markers 1 Pack of Erasers-Pink Rectangle Zippered Pencil Pouch that will hold the above supplies (No Pencil Boxes)
1 Box Crayons 1 Klenex Facial Tissue (Girls) Pack of 3 Boxes 1 Green Folder
1 Glue Stick 2 Germ X Hand Santizer (Boys) Pump Bottle Small Pencil Sharpener (To sharpen colored pencils)
Wish List                   Flash Drive/Jump Drive
Kleenex Tissues Smith (Grade 4)
Cleaning Wipes 2 One Subject Notebooks (with at least 150 pages)
               Davis (Grade 5)
1 Subject Notebook (with at least 150 pages)
Ruehling (Grade 5)
1 Three Subject Notebook
1 Blue Folder
1 Composition Notebook (no rings, marble/black and white cover)
Kleenexes for the Class
Paper Towels for the Class
Clorox Wipes for the Class
Highlighters (for personal use)
Red Pens (for personal use and class use)
Zip-Lock Bags (sandwich size and larger) for the Class
Band Aids for the Class
6,7, & 8 Reading/Language Arts 6,7, & 8 Science 6,7, & 8 Social Studies
1-5 Subject Notebook Spiral Notebook 3 Subject Notebook - Make sure it is at least a 11 in X 9 in - College Rule -
2-Pencils Glue Sticks (5 or 6) (Plastic Cover - 5-Star is a good brand)
2-Cap Erasers Loose-Leaf Paper Glue Sticks (5 or 6)
1-Double Pack of of Clorox Wipes Colored Pencils Scotch Tape (3 or 4)
3-Boxes of Cleenex Pencils Good Pencils (Cedar or All Wood)
  Wish List (Nunley Home Room) Pens (Blue/Black)
6,7, & 8 Matematics Tissues Bring to Class Hiett/Grade 8)
1-5 Subject Notebook Germ X Tissue 3 or 4 Boxes (HomeRoom)
2-Pencils Disinfecting Wipes Disinfecting Wipes to Clean Desk (You Keep in your locker)
2-Cap Erasers        
1-Double Pack of of Clorox Wipes
3-Boxes of Cleenex

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