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Grundy County Board of Education


Review: Annually, in December

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Testing Programs

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The Board shall provide for a system-wide testing program which shall be periodically reviewed and evaluated. The purposes of the program shall be to:

1.     Assist in promoting accountability;

2.     Determine the progress of students;

3.     Assess the effectiveness of the instructional program and student learning;

4.     Aid in counseling and guiding students in planning future education and other endeavors;

5.     Analyze the improvements needed in each instructional area;

6.     Assist in the screening of students with learning difficulties;1

7.     Assist in placing students in remedial programs;

8.     Provide information for college entrance and placement; and

9.     Assist in educational research by providing data.2

The Director of Schools shall be responsible for planning and implementing the program, which includes:

1.     Determining specific purposes for each test;

2.     Selecting the appropriate test to be given;

3.     Establishing procedures for administering the tests;

4.     Making provisions for interpreting and disseminating the results;

5.     Maintaining testing information in a consistent and confidential manner; and

6.     Ensuring that results are obtained as quickly as possible, especially when placement in a special learning program might be necessary.

State-mandated student testing programs shall be undertaken in accordance with procedures published by the State Department of Education.3


TNReady4 and EOC5 scores shall be included in students’ final grades as follows:

a)     Grades 3-5 - 5% {Select a percentage from a range of 0%- 25%. Also, insert information on grading period impacted.}

b)     Grades 6-8 - 10% {Select a percentage from a range of 10%- 25%. Also, insert information on grading period impacted.}

c)     Grades 9-12 - 15% {Select a percentage from a range of 15%- 25%. Also, insert information on grading period impacted.}

The target score method will be used. Ex. Student with a pre-score of 20, on a 100 point test: Potential Growth is 100-20=80. So, potential growth is, 80.

The Director of Schools may exclude these scores from students’ final grades if results are not received by the district at least five (5) instructional days before the end of the course.4,5


Any test directly concerned with measuring student ability or achievement through individual or group psychological or socio-metric tests shall not be administered by or with the knowledge of any employee of the system without first obtaining written consent of the parent(s)/guardian(s).2

Results of all group tests shall be recorded on students’ permanent records and shall be made available to appropriate personnel in accordance with established procedures.6

No later than July 31st of each year, the Board shall publish on its website information related to state and board mandated tests that will be administered during the school year. The information shall include:7

1.     TCAP-End of course.

English 1, 2, 3.

Integrated Math 1, 2, 3.

Algebra 1, 2.




US History and Geography 9-12

Time-TBA by State Department

2.     TN Ready-TCAP (3-8) TBA

3.     ACCESS for ELS (English proficiency for English learners) all grades-TBA

4.     MSAA-English Language Arts and Math (students with cognitive disabilities, 3-8 and 11)-TBA

5.     TCAP-Alt-Science and Social Studies

Grades 3-8 with significant cognitive disabilities for Science and Social Studies, and students in grade 10 for Biology-TBA.

6.     NAEP

Grades 4, 8, 12 of selected schools-TBA

7.     ACT

High School –grade 10, 11, 12-TBA

Testing information shall also be placed in student handbooks or other school publications that are provided to parent(s)/guardian(s) on an annual basis.










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