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The Grundy County School’s Attendance Supervisor and her department operates as a coordinator between students, their parents, the Grundy County Court System and the Tennessee State Department of Education in order to create a partnership focused on attendance. The department works to ensure that students are receiving the resources necessary to attend school daily and to be successful while they are there. The Attendance Department operates with these goals in mind:

  • To foster an environment that allows all Grundy County School students to receive a quality education, from the time that they enter the school system until they graduate.

  • To foster an environment that ensures each Grundy County School student receives the instructional time necessary to be successful in school.

  • To foster an environment that promotes transparent communication between parents, students, the legal system and the school faculty in regards to attendance policy.




Val Sitz

Grundy County Schools Attendance Supervisor

Grundy County Truancy Officer

 1376 Main St, Altamont, TN 37301


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