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Dress Code Changes for 6-8
Tracy City Elementary
Posted On: Thursday, September 17, 2015

2015-2016 (6-8) Dress Code

Any dress or hairstyle that is considered contrary to good hygiene, distractive or disruptive in appearance, detrimental to the educational environment or to the public image of the school shall not be allowed. The administration of the school reserves the right to determine whether a student’s attire is within the limits of appropriateness for school, decency, and modesty. In matters of opinion, the judgment of the principal/designee shall prevail.


1.      Below the waist attire shall not have holes above the knees.


2.      All below the waist attire must be knee length when the student is standing erect and be worn above the hip bone at the normal waistline. Slits in dresses or skirts shall not exceed three inches above the front and/or back of the knee. 


3.      Form fitting clothing such as spandex, tights, leggings etc. with or without a seam will not be  permitted. Tights or leggings may be worn under clothing that touches the knee cap while standing erect


4.      All above the waist attire must completely cover cleavage, abdomen, back, shoulders, and  midriffs.  See through outfits, low-cut tops, bare midriffs, open backs, tank tops, halter tops, crop shirts, etc. are not allowed. 


5.       Footwear is required and must be worn; footwear must be safe and appropriate for indoor and outdoor activities.


6.       Clothing and accessories including, but not limited to, headphones, book bags, backpacks, belt buckles, patches, jewelry, and notebooks must not contain or have printed on them racial/ethnic slurs or symbols, gang symbols/affiliations, or vulgar, obscene, subversive, sexually suggestive language, symbols, or images.  Clothing and accessories shall not be derogatory to any individual or group, nor be disruptive to the normal school environment.  Clothing and accessories shall not promote violence or products such as alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs, and controlled substances.  Clothing and accessories shall not promote violation of school rules.


7.      Visible body piercing jewelry must not pose a threat to the student’s safety nor be disruptive to the peace and good order of the school. 


8.       Items which are prohibited include, but are not be limited to:

A.     Head apparel (headphones, hats/caps, scarves, hair picks, stocking caps, hair curlers, hoods, etc.) inside the school building, except for medical purposes – doctor’s verification of need is required.

B.      Sunglasses inside the school building, except for health purpose – doctor’s verification of need is required.

C.      Chains (including billfold chains);

D.     Sleepwear (pajamas or house slippers)


The administration reserves the right to prohibit certain clothing and/or accessories if in their judgment it is deemed a distraction to the daily operation of the school day.



Consequences: Failing to follow the dress will be considered insubordination.


1st Offense:                 The student will be sent to ISS for the remainder of the day.

2nd Offense:                 The student will be sent to ISS for the remainder of the day plus a 1 additional day will be added.

3rd Offense:                 The student will be sent to ISS Phase II for the remainder of the day plus a 2 additional days will be added.

4th offense:      The student will be sent to Alternative School for 9 weeks. Students who are assigned to alternative school will be required to wear a school uniform for the remainder of their assigned time (school uniform is standard blue, black, or khaki slacks, (no denim) worn with a belt and a polo shirt which must be tucked in.)

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