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Grundy County Schools Responsible Use Policy (RUP)


Internet access* is available for all students only as an educational resource.

  • I will not go to websites that are not appropriate for learning.

  • I will inform a teacher immediately if any inappropriate sites are accessed while I am online.

  • I will not attempt to bypass the Internet filter to access a blocked website.

  • I will not remotely access computers outside the system’s network.

*Internet access is provided on-campus for all students.  These policies also apply when using district-issued devices off-campus through other public or private networks.


The computer, software, wireless devices, and network are available for all students only as an educational resource.

  • I will treat the computers, all devices, and hardware with respect and not cause damage to them.

  • I will not share my usernames and passwords with anyone nor will I use another student’s username and password.

  • I will not share my device, charger, or other school-issued equipment with others.

  • I will transport my device using my school-issued sleeve and handle my device using communicated procedures.

  • I will not access, alter, or delete another person’s information/files on any computer or device.

  • I will follow copyright law in my projects and give credit to my resources (authors and/or websites).

  • I understand that teachers and administrators may monitor all student activities on the network and devices on and off campus.

  • I will not use the device to illegally distribute, install, or reproduce copyrighted materials.

  • I will not use the device to facilitate any illegal activity, or use it for commercial or for-profit use.

  • I will not use the computer network to attempt to gain unauthorized or unlawful access to other computers, computer systems, or accounts.

  • I will not utilize school district or individual school names, logos, or trademarks without permission.

  • I understand that students are responsible for storing and backing up their own data.

School-issued devices are set-up and the software programs are selected for all students only as an educational resource.

  • I will not download, install, or remove software/apps or media without permission and direction from a teacher.

  • I will not personalize the external appearance of my school-issued device.

  • I will not change the district settings on my device.

  • I will not remove the asset tag or any licensing tags or manufacturers stickers from the bottom of the device.

  • I will immediately notify my teacher, the building level technology coordinator, or designee if I identify a security problem or other issue on a technological resource, and I will not demonstrate the problem to others.

Good Digital Citizenship should be practiced on and off campus.

  • I will only use online communication (email, instant messaging, hangouts, blogs, wikis, etc.) for educational purposes on school-issued devices.

  • I understand that all school-issued email communications are stored and may be accessed and examined by teachers and administrators at any time.

  • I will always use proper and appropriate language and my best writing skills (including adhering to copyright policies).

  • I will never give or post personal information (my name, address, telephone number, etc.) to someone online.

  • I will never use online communication to harass or bully anyone.

  • I will not engage in creating, intentionally viewing, accessing, downloading, storing, printing, or transmitting content that is obscene, profane, pornographic, harassing, abusive, or considered harmful to minors.

  • I understand that I should not share or post pictures or recordings of other individuals without their consent (or parental consent for minors).

Personal Devices should be only used as an educational resource (cell phone, Kindle, iPad, etc.)

  • I will only use personal wireless devices at school with teacher permission and supervision or during designated times determined by the administration.   

  • I will accept all responsibility if my device is lost, stolen, or damaged.

  • My teachers and or my school may set additional requirements and restrictions for personal devices.


School Email

  • Grundy County Schools may provide students with a closed-campus email account.

  • Email usage may be monitored and archived.  There is no expectation of privacy with school email accounts.

If I don’t follow the RUP:

  • I may lose the privilege of using computers, personal devices, and/or the Internet at school.

  • I may lose the privilege of taking a device off-campus.

  • I understand that I may be held financially responsible for any deliberate or negligent damage to equipment and for loss or theft of the equipment while in my possession or when I am charged with its care (see below).

  • I understand that the administration will determine disciplinary and/or financial consequences for Responsible Use Policy (RUP) violations.

  • I understand that certain willful misuse may result in criminal prosecution under applicable state and federal law.

School-Issued Device Usage and Charge Information

The usage charge will be used for the repair and maintenance of the devices under normal use.  The usage charge will NOT cover willful, deliberate, or negligent damages.  Damage caused in these manners would be the financial responsibility of the family (repair or replacement cost).  The following are examples of willful, deliberate, or negligent damage.  This list is not intended to be all-inclusive; each case will be investigated by administration.

  • Cosmetic damage including, but not limited to scratches, dents, and broken areas around ports.

  • Damage resulting from leaving the device, chargers, or other accessories unattended (including loss).

  • Damage caused by service performed by someone who is not an authorized representative of GCS.

  • Damage caused by the use of products (such as chargers) not provided or authorized by GCS.

  • Damage to consumable parts (such as batteries) unless damage has occurred due to a defect in materials or workmanship.

  • Damage as a result of improper handling or storage (leaving in an unsafe place such as in a car or accessible to pets, dropping the device, using food and drink near the device, etc.).

  • Damage caused by operating the product outside the permitted or intended uses described by the manufacturer.

  • Damage resulting in broken screen.

  • Damage as a result of a RUP violation.

  • Loss or theft is also not covered by the usage charge.  Loss or theft should be reported to appropriate school personnel the next school day.

GCI Resource Guide

Additional information, details, and examples regarding the RUP and GCS technology resources and guidelines are found in the GCI Resource Guide on our district website. Parents and students are responsible for the content of the GCI Resource Guide in addition to the RUP.  Families may request a hard copy of the guide at any time from the school principal.





Responsible Use Policy and Web Applications Guide Signature Page

Students/parents pay an annual, nonrefundable GCI (Grundy County Initiative) User Charge on or before taking possession of the school issued device for home use.

Legal ownership of device belongs to Grundy County Schools (“GCS”).  The student’s right to use and

possess the device is terminated upon withdrawal from Grundy County Schools. The failure to timely

return the property and the continued use of it for non-school purpose without the school system’s consent will be considered unlawful appropriation or theft of the school system’s property.

If the device is intentionally or negligently damaged, lost, or stolen, the student/parent is responsible for the cost of repair, current replacement cost of the device, or its fair market value.  Damage includes the removal of the asset tag and the windows licensing tag from the bottom of the machine.   Loss or theft of the device must be reported to the GCS District by the next school day.  Payment for broken, lost, or stolen devices shall be under terms reasonably agreed upon between GCS and the parents. In the event GCS has to resort to legal action to recover an electronic device or payment for damage, destruction, loss or theft of such a device from parent(s) or guardian(s) of a student, the undersigned parent or guardian agrees to pay the reasonable attorney’s fees and costs of GCS incurred in such effort.

As the parent/guardian, my signature indicates I agree to abide by the conditions listed in the GCS

Responsible Use policy (RUP) as well as the content provided in the GCI Resource Guide.  Failure to honor the terms of this Policy may result in the denial of Internet and other electronic media accessibility. Furthermore, the student may be subject to disciplinary action, and, if applicable, the device may be recalled.  I give my permission for my child to have access to the described electronic resources and have access to the Internet, including an email account.


Parent/Guardian Name (please print): _____________________________________ Date:  __________


Parent/Guardian Signature:  ______________________________________________


As the student, my signature indicates that I have received, read, and agree to follow the GCS

Responsible Use Policy and have been made aware of and intend to follow the full GCI User’s Guide. I agree to the terms and conditions outlined and in return will have conditional access to the described electronic resources, including an email account.



Student Name (please print):  __________________________________________ Date:  ____________



Student Signature:  ________________________________________________


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