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Pelham Elementary 2017-2018
PreK Kindergarten 1st Grade 2nd Grade 3rd Grade
(Patricia Stevens) (Holly Bryan) (Taryn Anderson) (Meredith Maxey) (Tava Gallagher)
*2 (1/2 Inch) White 3 Ring Binder *Backpack *Mead Primary Journal K-2 *1 48 Pack USA Gold pencils *24 Ticonderoga Pencils
*Bottle of Cleaner *Crayons *1 Pack of Expo Markers *Plastic Folder *1 Pack of Colored Pencils (no crayons or markers)
choices are: (lavender cented) *Scissors *Cryaons *2 Composition Notebooks  *1 Small Pencil Sharpener
  Fraganzia by Clorox,  *Pencils *2 Glue Sticks   *2 Glue Sticks
  Pine-Sol Multi-Surface cleaner, *Glue Sticks *Scissors *4 Expo Markers *1 Three hole Zipper Pouch (no boxes)
  Fabuloso  *Supply Box *1 pack of Kleenex *Germ X *2 Composition Notebooks
              *Bottle of Glue               *2 Plastic Folders with Prongs
*2 boxes of Kleenex      
*Composition Notebook(space @ top of page for drawings)
*1 Handwriting Tablet
*2 rolls of Paper Towels
(boys only)
*Disinfectant Wipes Optional: Optional: Optional:
*Ziploc Bags *Paper Towels *Paper Towels *Kleenex 
(girls only)   *Tissues *Clorox wipes
*Liquid Hand Soap *Clorox Wipes *Clorox Wipes *Sheet Protectors
*Baby wipes         *Paper Towels
   *Dry Erase Markers
*Snacks (individually wrapped)
4th Grade 5th Grade 6th Grade 7th Grade 8th Grade
(Lora Selvog) (Aletha Bryant) (Mr. Moon) (Kathy Gilliam) (Donna Layne)
*2 Paper Folders with Pockets (with or without Brads) *Binder (2inch) *Spiral Notebook *Pencils *Loose Leaf Paper
*3 Spiral Wide Rule Notebooks (any color) *Paper *Pencils *Loose Leaf Notebook Paper *3 Folders with prongs (red, green, blue)
*Scissors *Pencils *Folders (with prongs) *2 Spiral Notebooks *Spiral Notebook
*Crayons orColored Pencils *Dividers *Crayons or Markers *Dry Erase Markers (2pkg) *Pencils
*Pack of 0.5 Lead Pencils *Dry Erase Markers (black) *Loose Leaf Paper *Glue Sticks *2 Disinfectant Wipes
*2 Dry Erase Markers *2 Paper Folders (with pockets) *Disinfecting Wipes *Scissors *Graph Paper
*Liquid Glue and 2 Glue Sticks   *Facial Tissues *Crayons *Paper Towels
      *Construction Paper         
Optional: Optional: Optional:  
(Boys) *Tissues   Optional:
*Gallon Zip lock bags *Germ X *Germ X *Clorox Wipes
*Hand Sanitizer *Clorox Wipes *Clorox Wipes *Kleenex (4boxes)
(Girls)         *Paper Towels
*Clorox Wipes   

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