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Tennessee State Law states that a student's driver’s license will be suspended if they fail to pass at least 2 of 4 classes if the system is on the block schedule of 4 of 7 classes if on the traditional schedule. Driver license may be reinstated only when the student demonstrates satisfactory academic progress.  In addition, a student's driver’s license will be suspended if they are absent from school for 10 consecutive unexcused days or have accumulated a total of 15 unexcused absences from school.

Parents and/or students must contact the attendance clerk at the school or Ms. Val Sitz at 692-3467 ext. 126 in order to receive a proof of attendance letter. Please allow ten business days for Ms. Sitz to process the necessary paperwork for your student's proof of attendance letter. To establish a means of better communication with parents and guardians concerning their child’s academic progress and attendance, the Grundy County Department of Education (GCDE) is requiring that the parent/ guardian of each student maintain a current phone number and email address on file with GCDE.

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